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Solutions with lucid vision.

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Article: How to build an economy-wide digital twin


Agent-based simulation models can be an extremely useful tool for policy makers, in particular for predictive analytics, scenario ...

Algorithmic transparency

Let your users have control and clarity over key parameters and input-output relations, and tailor recommendations they receive.

Democratizing AI

& data ownership

Decentralize your AI algorithms and services while your end-users enjoy ownership of data. See how democratizing AI brings a triple win.

Privacy & 


Prioritize your users’ privacy while delivering your services. Explore our smart contracts based approach to incentivize users to control and share their data.

AI based 


Make more sense

of your data

Discover novel data science, AI and blockchain opportunities for your organisation. Our experienced and hands-on teams develop proof of concepts, deliver prototypes, and/or support your teams in the entire process all the way to desired outputs. Foremost, we help you upgrade your relevant business models.

Improve your organisation with simulation

Deepen your insight for lucid foresights. This is how we empower our clients dealing with uncertainty, complexity, and scarcity of necessary data. We deploy our legacy AI approach to gain intelligence through close-to-reality simulated environments for augmented decision making.

Lucidminds projects


AI for better democracies. Policymaking games. Understanding financial crises, housing prices, unemployment, wealth inequality, labor mobility, and dilemmas of monetary unions such as EU are made enjoyable.

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