We believe that we need to make conscious choices at using, adopting and shaping AI driven technologies and services.


Lucidminds is an expert hub with cutting edge products and services around agent-based modeling coupled with analysis of digital social-interaction patterns and dynamics.


We provide tailored solutions primarily for businesses and organizations. We work with them in the redesign of their data-driven business models, organization structures, products, and services.  We incorporate end-user preferences transparently in our machine learning algorithms.

Mission & Vision

The Lucidminds’ mission is to empower companies, NGOs, government agencies and citizens with socially conscious AI solutions. We tailor machine learning approaches and modeling choices to be able to consider full user privacy and algorithmic transparency. In our services and partnerships, we prioritize social impact projects that aim to contribute to the democratization of AI and self data ownership.

Algorithmic Transparency 

Algorithmic transparency means that the factors that influence the decisions, and the recommendations made by algorithms should be visible, or transparent, to the people who use, regulate, and are impacted by these systems.

When working with Lucidminds we offer a clear process in eliciting your needs and desired outcomes. As such, the input, calculations, processing, and reasoning are made transparent by design and the relations to the outputs are clear. You have control over all key parameters and can tailor the recommendations.

Our product design and customization procedures explicitly incorporate the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect in May 2018 which include a “right to explanation” of decisions made by algorithms.

Democratization of AI and Data Ownership

While AI democratization is generally understood as access to AI tools and algorithms, access grants to centrally organized AI frameworks and solutions are not sufficient. Instead, democratization of AI is possible only when individuals, small and medium-sized companies and non-profit organizations are able to adapt their products and services without depending solely on the solutions provided by giant technology monopolies.

The vast majority of cutting-edge AI algorithms or models can only produce meaningful results when fed by datasets of sufficient quantity and quality. AI democratization can work only if we democratize data first. In our solutions, products, and partnerships we aim to prioritize options where data ownership is decentralized and managed by its genuine owners. This is how not just you and your client have a win-win but together with the society you achieve a triple win. 

User privacy and Blockchains

As we care for user privacy, we approach it at two stages. First, at design, we opt for architectures where algorithms are not based on the assumption that full access to users’ sensitive and private data is required. Second, we support, monitor and plan partnerships with state-of-the-art incentives such as Oasislabs, Oceanprotocol, Keep, Tierion , Enigma, Dock, and IPFS that aim to offer a safe, decentralized privacy-enabled marketplace for sharing data and associated storage, computation and algorithms services. As part of our R&D efforts, we work with a set of other blockchain and non-blockchain technologies where not only access rights to private data but also availability and integrity of private data is within full control of the original data owners.

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