Big Data Architecture

and Engineering

Enhance the usage of your data
Fasten your decision-making process.

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Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Whether you’re a start-up or an Enterprise with many data stakeholders, copying tech giants’ data infrastructure components and services will be price, privacy and usability wise inefficient.


Our Expert Team will help you detect your needs, design it together and deliver in iterative steps with feedback.

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Data Pipelines

When the size and I/O complexity emerges, it’s a challenge to build a journey from your data sources without relying too much on expensive computational resources. By analyzing your needs, we’ll help and build the right pipelines that will be easy to scale, secure and be transparent.

Team Building

Data Teams are relatively new in organisations and yet a very important one.


How you structure your data team will affect the growth and effectiveness of your individual teams. By analysing your organisation and resources, our team will help you to build and position your data team.

Privacy and
Data Democracy

As, we believe in Data Democracy.


While respecting the privacy of your organization, we’ll build the infrastructure that each part of your organization can benefit from your data equally.

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How Lucidminds can help

Analyze & Identify the needs of your data stakeholders

Design & Build scalable, maintainable, cost-efficient data infrastructure

Build the team that fits 

your organisation

Big Data Team

Bülent Ozel, PhD

CEO @ Lucidminds AI, Data Scientist, ABM specialist

Oguzhan Yayla

CTO @ Lucidminds AI, Big Data Consultant

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