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Risk free scenario testing

We at Lucidminds adopt agent-based modeling. It is a powerful and fairly inexpensive tool for all policy makers. Enabling them to test and improve policies in a virtual-twin environment beforehand.

Without putting people or budgets at risk, nowadays policy makers can test-run multiple scenarios, observe their consequences, and update them directly. This leads to a more holistic and thorough decision making process benefiting everybody – the private sector, the public sector and of course the general public.

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Evidence-based decision making relies on good data and high-quality models

In our increasingly complex world, many societal challenges are caused by human actions, such as climate change, financial crises and non-sustainable economic growth. Our models take full account of the heterogeneity of individual behavior and consider the network of interactions that make up our actual society.

Smart and learning agents are a cornerstone of useful policy models

Machine learning techniques and AI give our agents the capability to learn dynamically inside a simulation model. Due to this learning ability, our simulated agents are able to adapt to their environment. And even if the policy changes,  smart agents will change their behaviour accordingly. This enables important insights to policy makers about the effects of various policy scenarios.

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How Lucidminds can help

Hands-on model development of economic policy models

Devising and designing simulation models for commercial purposes

Workshops on simulation modelling with ABM 

ABM Team

Bülent Ozel, PhD

CEO @ Lucidminds AI, Data Scientist, ABM specialist

Oguzhan Yayla

CTO @ Lucidminds AI, Big Data Consultant

Sander van der Hoog, PhD

Head of Simulation @ Lucidminds AI, Computational Economist, ABM specialist

Marko Petrovic, PhD

Data Scientist, Computational Economist, ABM specialist

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