AI-Based consultancy

With Machine Learning, AI and Simulations we can help organizations to detect opportunities and AI use cases while mitigating risks.

We combine strategy, governance, and human factor components with our hands-on experience in fields like:

  • Personalized recommendation engines

  • Psycho-social profiling

  • Information diffusion

  • Social network analysis

  • Memetic analysis

  • Graph analytics

  • Topic and semantic content modelling

  • developing PoC applications (dAPPs)  on public or private Blockchains

  • Ideation and product workshops

We identify risks, opportunities, and strengths at transforming an organization into socially aware actors in the emerging AI driven socio-economic system. The range of our collaboration varies from 'as-is' to 'to-be' analysis, to the customization of data-driven products.

We provide back-end Machine Learning API services to design, develop and deploy fully tailored ML algorithms and software on your premises.

Designing and deploying algorithms specifically according to your organizational needs is our priority



and agent based 


Simulations or Agent-based models (ABMs)  in general are powerful tools to develop insights and to conduct what-if-scenarios towards policy making. ABM simulations are also highly instrumental for any complex social system when there are insufficient data sets or when access to sensitive data may violate privacy rights.


As a team, we have more than 20 years of collective experience at developing complex ABMs for socio-economic systems.

Working with our clients, we offer models development on

  • housing markets

  • homeownership

  • labor mobility

  • sustainable development

  • green energy

  • healthcare services

  • wealth distribution

  • financial markets

  • financial contagion and risk

  • international trade

  • policy analysis on monetary unions


In one of our recent ABM designs, we have been working on the simulation of a hypothetical maker community examining the impact of the event types on the diffusion of community values. 



Your virtual recruiter

This is our showcase product where we are able to present an AI service with algorithmic transparency that works on local and private data. The product itself helps to collect preferences, beliefs or value-based choices of the user at suggesting a better team that matches her/his technical skills, soft skills, and values. 


The variants of the product are customized depending on the client needs, activity area, and the context. 



The online serious game platform on political economy

Increase awareness among citizens of how to understand the dynamics of economic policies.

Macroeconomic policies and concepts are gamified. The content on the platform is enriched by online macroeconomics videos and tutorials for educational purposes. Users of the platform, for instance, would be able to act as a policy maker to examine impacts of certain mortgage market regulations on homeownership and wealth distributions. 


A proof of concept of this product was completed as part of an EU funded project under a future emerging technologies (FET) program. Three of members of current Lucidminds team were part of that project as key researchers and developers.


We plan to present the platform as Lucidminds legacy product. We commence to rebuild it after having succeeded in the first round of the seed funding.

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