Lucidminds is an international expert hub with a dedicated core team whose headquarter is based in ImpactHub Amsterdam. The core execution team so as the extended Lucidminds experts have a proven track record not only in innovative research and consultancy but also in hands-on technology implementations.

Core team

The complementary sets of skills of our core team give us the agility to identify and solve a range of problems, lean and clean. We convert ideas and processes into tangible products and services. When necessary, we extend our solutions via circles of close collaborations with our pool of domain-specific experts and solution partners.

Agent-based modeling and simulation, social network analysis, machine learning, blockchain technologies, and open innovation.

Bulent enjoys bridging business, technology, science, and policy making. He is a hands-on software architect, code developer, and a lecturer.  He has been giving data-driven business consultancy increasingly in his past 20+ years of professional experience. He is an advocate of open and collective innovation paradigms. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed and citation indexed articles. Together with his girlfriend, he has set-up and run an environmentally sustainable and fair-trade boutique hotel while still living in Valencia, Spain. He has a PhD in Organization Studies and Management a second PhD in Economics and Business both computational.


Bulent has lived and worked in Germany, Turkey, US, Iceland, Spain, and the Netherlands. He is fluent in Turkish, English, and Spanish; and working on his Dutch and Kurdish. He is a passionate lindy hop and blues dancer. He aspires to join the rhythm sections of the band as the tap dancer. 

Co-Founder, CEO

Bulent Ozel, PhD
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Big data architecture and applications, scrum methodology, Web apps, and dAPPs.

Oguzhan is a hands-on consultant in big data architecture and applications for real-time systems and services. He worked with startups in different continents. He has built scalable data infrastructures and helped to form agile teams with a democratised data culture.  


Oguzhan lived and worked in places like Turkey, Singapore, India, Germany, UK, and the Netherlands. He speaks Turkish, English, and German. Lately, he is into board surfing; is joining the band as a guitarist.

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Oguzhan Yayla
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Simulation and Agent-based Modeling, Big Data Analytics.


Sander enjoys crossing interdisciplinary boundaries. He is an experienced researcher in Computational Economics with 20+ years of experience in building agent-based models, using large-scale simulations and high-performance computing.  He is a strong supporter of Open Source, Open Science and Open Society.

Sander lived and worked in the Netherlands, France and in Germany. He is fluent in Dutch, English, German and French. He likes to go hiking in the forest, but also likes to get out of the woods eventually.

Partner, Head of Simulation

Sander van der Hoog, PhD
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Scalable design systems, branding & identity, Workshops & facilitating


Dominik has spent over 20 years in the design and start-up world. He loves creating alignment across (remote) teams. With his hands-on activism and collaborative workshops, he has helped young start-ups and SMBs to get on to the next level. Throughout his career Dominik got used to wear many hats such as storyboard artist, cartoon animator, copywriter - which is beneficial if you want to put yerself in someone else’s shoes


Dominik lived and worked in Germany, Russia, USA. He is speaks German, English, and Russian. He likes gardening with his family and make ice-cream. He is joining the band as one of the guitarists.

Partner, Service Design Advisor

Dominik Heilig
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Agent-based modeling and simulations, applied econometrics, and big data analysis.


Marko is a hands-on data analyst, a computational economist, and a lecturer.  He develops heterogenous macroeconomic models for policy analysis. He serves as an external advisor at the Central Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia. He has been a research fellow at several institutes.


Marko lived and worked in USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Serbia, and North Macedonia. He is fluent in Serbian, English, and Spanish. He likes commuting to work on his electric scooter and is a passionate basketball player. He is joining the band as a guitarist.

Partner, Lead Data Analyst

Marko Petrovic, PhD
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Jasper is a ambitious business developer, aiming to learn something new every day by connecting with people on a mission and following innovative business concepts within the current digital landscape and developing circular economy. He is especially interested in ecosystem thinking, sales automation and the future of working.

Jasper has lived in Spain and New Zealand, and enjoys exploring the outdoors by foot or by bike. In his free time he likes to practise calesthenics and do some home cooking for family and friends.

Business Developer

Jasper Bakker
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Opensource operating systems, DIY electronics, blockchains, and IoT.

Eelco is a Linux system administrator who enjoys everything about opensource. He developed his skills playing with Linux based systems since 2000. Before joining the core team he was working at a hosting company in Amsterdam.


Eelco lives in The Netherlands and speaks Dutch and English. In his free time he enjoys riding his bakbrommer, traveling to strange places, programming Python and tinkering with electronics like his DIY PCB mill.

DevOps Engineer

Eelco Kater
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